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Live Your Intention
- Open The Door To Your Life's Journey©:  This book includes an online study environment and pass along concept. $2.95 Value

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FREE Download Value $5 (Click on link above to download mp3) Learn how to be more aware of the energy that surrounds you and how your living environment could be detrimental to your health.
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FREE Download Value $15 (Click on link above to download mp3) Learn the key three elements of a space and how to make adjustments for a more harmonious environment. How does your space greet society?
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Intention with Lynne McTaggart and Dean Radin

The Frontiers of Intention - Interview with Lynne McTaggart discussing: How powerful are our thoughts in shaping our lives, our communities, and even our world?
Frontier science has been gathering eye-opening evidence that our minds are more powerful than we once believed. (Click here to receive your FREE mp3!)

Great Shift Dialogs - Interview between pioneering scientist Dean Radin and author Lynne McTaggart explore the frontiers of science and how shifts in the scientific paradigm can contribute to shifting our world.
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Together they examine the social pressures to conform to an older scientific world view as well as the exciting elements of what is emerging, such as energy medicine, intentional technology, and the power of setting intentions on a planetary scale.
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Introduction to Living the Southwest Lifestyle

From Matthew C. Cox - In today’s society, few can define Peace of Mind. Fewer still can find it. Religion claims to bring Peace of Mind in troubling spiritual times. It might help one day a week but what about the other six?

Government claims to give Peace of Mind in troubling economic times. It might help a select few but what about the rest of the people?

If you long for a philosophy that allows you to experience abundance, miracles, and peace, you are in the right place. The Living the Southwest Lifestyle philosophy builds upon Four Traits and Three Laws to bring you Peace of Mind.

Each book comes with a free recording. Receive a choice of a one hour coaching session or attending one seminar for free!
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What is Kabbalah?

Renowned scientists and philosophers of many countries, such as Newton, Leibniz, and Pico della Mirandola, have investigated and tried to understand the science of Kabbalah. However, to this very day only a few know what Kabbalah really is.

Learn about this deep antiquity, from the time of Babylon through live interactive web courses.  All courses are recorded to learn at your own pace. These courses are FREE to anyone that wants to learn about Kabbalah. You can also download free Kabbalah eBooks Priceless Value

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Want to Meditate Like a Monk?

            • Improve Your Emotional Health
            • Reduce Your Stress Levels
            • Increase Your Brain Power
You will find this to be the most powerful personal growth and mind development tool... Guaranteed!
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Sampling Divine Union

From Amethyst Whyldfyre - Taste the sacred sound of Divine Union with this magical 2 track sample featuring Illumination and Landing.

Amethyst would also like to offer you an opportunity for a free Personal Energy Assessment.

True Bliss that is priceless!
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